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There is a man located in Dixton name Brett Fordon with an interest in seeing certain monsters throughout Tsunami slain. Lucky players that have found him can ask him abou quests and he will explain more. Brett will send a player off to the far reaches of Tsunami on a hunt to track down specific creatures. He requires proof that the player has accomplished the job which usually takes form of the creatures corpse. Brett can, for a price, provide ways for those too weak to carry a corpse to still work for him. Just ask him about 'note' and he will explain more.

Many players find 'Brett questing' not only a great way to gain experience but also a way to do something fun and explore generally untravelled areas of Tsunami. Often times this will open up others questing avenues as well as new areas to gain experience.

The brett communication channel can be used to talk with other Brett Questers and might be useful in locating Brett.

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