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Some good places for starting players are:

o The Big Tree and Fungus Caverns: 5w, 4n, hole (or 5w, 4n, climb, w,
  swing, s, d)
  This "tree of life" turns into a bloodbath when newbies mow down
       the fungus cows and their peaceful tenders.  Be warned, many have
       fallen to the lord of the realm, and, as afraid of the
       dark. Termites also go *SQUISH* in this tree.
o Book of Worlds - Chapter 1: in, e, read 1
       Happy, carefree elves meet their doom at your leisure.
o Newbie Chessboard: d, w
       Queen to rook's 4. Check and *AAAYYIEEEEEEEE*.  Enough said.
o Smurfs: 12w, sw, 2s, se, n, e, s, follow song
       Umm...just kill them, please.
o Toyland: d, n, open chest, enter chest
       Very easy, and the tutus are kinda cute!
o Underwater Caves: 3e, n, e, dive
       Some easy to kill waterbabies, just asking to be whacked. Pay no
       attention to their pleas for mercy.
o Marble Pit: d, e, enter
       Watch out for these colorful guys, they might roll over you!
o Castle Crunchy: all east, sail edo, sail rymalind, 5s,3w,nw,w,2s
       Crunchies go crunch and kersplat like they should.
o Unicorn Meadow: all east, sail edo, sail rymalind, 5s,3w,nw,w,s,2sw,2w,2s,e
       Happy carefree horses dance and frolic with maidens and
       Bloodthirsty adventurers. Go figure.
o Cornfields: 2e,5s,4w,s,nw,3w,sw,2w, sail gladstadt, 2n,23e,n
       Blood and dirt. Could any young adventurer ask for more?
o Grubs and bugs: 2e,5s,4w,7s,w,n,w
       Watch out for the earwigs. Eww.
o Newbie Woods: 2e,5s,2e,3s,all e,n
       Plenty of rooms to get your fill of kills!
o Snargs and snarglings: 2e,5s,4w,s,nw,3w,sw,2w, sail gladstadt,2n,26e,6n
       Past the bridge and to the east and north, certain death awaits!
o Wieke: 2e,5s,4w,s,nw,3w,sw,2w, sail gladstadt, 2n,2e,n
       A forest full of cute animals and wimpy soldiers. Kill em.
o Goblins: 7w,5n,5w,ne,n,nw
       Angry little fellers who need some cutting down to size.
o Screep: all east, sail edo, sail rymalind, 4s,5e,se,e,se,ne,4n,ne,3n,2e,se
       A nice little village of things to hack to pieces.
o Marriard: 2e,5s,2w,n,board
       A small island where the unwashed of Tsunami hang out.
o Average house: 2e,5s,2e,6s,6e,s,sw,nw
       Take a good look around the house - who knows what you might find!
o Bees: 7w,5n,e,n,3w, enter (hive1/hive2)
       Not only do they die easily, but they taste good after! Bliss!
o Snakes and lazies: 2e,5s,4w,7s,4w,2nw,6n,2w,nw,2w
       If they're that lazy, they deserve to die.
o Newbie Hall: all east, sail edo, sail rymalind, 2s,e
       Deck the halls with blood and folly, tralala-lala...
o Zatanic Trees: 7w,3n,e,nap, look trees, climb <type>
       Endless joy in squashing vermin and birdies.
o Sea monkeys - 2e,5s,4w,s,nw,3w,sw,2w, sail gladstadt, dive
       We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine... Kill.

Please remember to use the consider command! (help consider)

(all directions are referenced from the Center of the Mainland town (CoT))