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This page is an overview of Tsunamis features.

Player killing


Main article: War

On Tsunami we have something called wars when players get the opportunity to test their skills against one another over a large battlefield. There are two different kinds of war on tsunami however, there are Twars and then there are Shutdown wars.

Twars can be started at any time and players who have joined the war channel are notified and can vote between several different game modes. After the war players who participated recieve a reward based on how many points they scored in the war. Points are gained as you kill other players, had done damage to a player that someone killed, or your team wins the war.

Shutdown wars is an old tradition on tsunami that reboots the mud and when players log back on they are waiting in the war preperation room where they can vote on team, leader or individual war. In this type of war players face one another with their normal characters and levels which means there's typically a spread in levels. It is however custom to log characters that can be matched so there's no heavily favoured side. The shutdown wars offer rewards to anyone participating and increases based on points scored which is gained by killing or still being alive at the end of the war.


Main article: Player killing

Pk is a part of tsunami and there's no pk off option, HOWEVER the way our pk system is setup players only compete with eachother to climb the pk ranks, which offers a bonus based on the ranking. So if you don't want to participate in pking, there are atleast no loss other than a slight inconvenience in case you were in the middle of something. You will not lose anything from dieing to a player and there's no incentive for other players to kill you as long as you don't pk yourself.

Quests and exploration

Main article: Quests

Puzzle quests

Do you enjoy solving quests that are challenging to figure out? Good, tsunami offers plenty of those and if you get stuck on one you can move on to another until you can approach the one you got stuck on with fresh ideas. They come in all sizes and the difficulties vary!

Kill quests

Main article: kill quest

You prefer killing things rather than figuring them out? Yes we have those too! A killing quest is typically a quest that requires you to kill a certain amount of a specific npc or within a specific area.


Your exploration on Tsunami is tracked, you can see how much of an area you have managed to explore and how much of our total world at any time. There is a top explorer list where players can compare their scores with one another, there are even rewards available based on the percentage explored. This feature was implemented many years ago and the current top player has slightly over 93% explored.


Main article: Houses

You want your own house that can be upgraded with bodyguards and safe deposits among other things? We have that!


Would you fancy managing your own shop on Tsunami, adjusting prices and selecting what items or heals your shop should offer from a long list? Then you'll like the shop system we offer! There are two different type of shops that one can setup, item or heal shops and no shop is the same as the next. The owner customizes his unique shop and offer different items at different prices, just dont forget to restock once in a while or even your most loyal customers might give up on you!


Autobalance is an effort to automatically adjust the experience gained by killing different types of npcs. Based on how often the specific subclass is killed relative to others it will have a rarity bonus experience when killed, some are worth more experience because players avoid them while some might have a bonus because they are rare, which is an incentive to explore in order to locate them don't you think?

Meta games

A strange concept, meta games on Tsunami refers to games within the game. We have yahtzee and poker but most interesting of all is Tsunami's own card game Magewar! As you kill npcs they will occasionally drop magewar cards of different rarity and color. Your cards can be used to make your own deck with which you can play against other players! Magewar is similar to magic the gathering though with it's own unique cards and somewhat different rules, don't hesitate to try it out! Some appreciate the card collecting more than the actual game though once you start playing you will notice what a surprisingly solid game it actually is. There is also a magewar cardstore where cards can be bought and sold, so if you're looking for a specific card that would fit into your deck check it out!


Main article: Invasions

A fun feature on Tsunami is the invasion event that occurs every now and then, typically once or more every day. There is a huge amount of precoded invasions with original and thematic invaders that players can view using magic mirrors to try and track them down based on the description of the rooms the different invaders inhabit as the player views them. After the invasion has been repelled players are rewarded very nicely based on how many points they managed to score (based on kills and levels).

Wide range of subclasses

Currently Tsunami has over 60 different subclasses to choose from that are all unique. The precise number of subclasses may vary as new subclasses are added, some are rewritten and updated while some, sadly, are removed. Rest assured that original subclasses is something that Tsunami really excels at however!

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