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Originally Posted : Fri Apr 30 13:36:13 2021
Posted by : Orion
Title : addition to score

You may have noticed some additional items popping up in 'score' command.

Overall Boost  : 30% bonus to all skills and combat
Confused  : 10% penalty to all skills and combat

This is based on a parameter query_confused() that is used frequently on boosts around the mud to give players advantage / disadvantage in a general way. In order to give more transparency to game mechanics I will be trying to allow players to see as much of these kinds of 'behind the scenes' items whever possible.

Some examples of where you might see this: Native Banding uses this / Fire Drake char / Deatknight desecrate and Native pillage use this - and a lot more.

If you are confused by why this might be showing up feel free to ask.