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Originally Posted : Tue Oct 30 16:36:31 2018
Posted by : Trix
Title : Re: Suggestion Board and the Idea command

On Wed Oct 24 01:47:12 2018, Trix wrote:
> In the interest of transparency and improving player involvement in the
> changes that occur, the suggestion board now works through asubset of
> bug handler (the idea category.) Instead of having revolving posts that
> disappear never to be addressed or remembered, posts and comments will
> be in-line and always accessible. This allows every player to go back
> through any and every suggestion that has been put in and see every
> player-facing comment on it, and the end result (implementation,
> deletion/denial etc.) The suggestion board now lists the 30 most
> submitted ideas and you can use it as you previously would regarding
> reading a specific post number, or followuping a post to respond do it.
> Alternatively you can _always_ list these ideas and more through the
> updated idea command, which can also be used to comment on any open
> Search funcionality will be added in the near future so that you'll be
> able to easily find topics of interest. If you notice any problems
> whatsoever please let me know. We would also like t thank you in
> for any and all suggestions and feedback. Without the players Tsunami is

> nothing, so this is your chance to make your voices heard and help shape

> Tsunami.
The idea command has been changed again slightly. The help portion has
been updated to reflect the new changes. There are various lists you can
pull up based on the status of the ideas. I also made it harder to
accidentally submit ideas by requiring you to specify that you're
"submitting" an idea (ex: idea submit <idea>) The suggestion board remains
unchanged, except it supports direct posting now (as it did before.) Also,
if you have commented on an idea you will now receive tells when that idea
has been commented on by someone else to keep you in the loop.