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Originally Posted : Fri Apr 12 19:31:21 2002
Posted by : Alexi
Title : Orcs and Ogres

Orcs and Ogres!

For a long time now, the 'civilized' races have warred with your people
and treated them as dirt beneath their feet! The only way an orc could
roam the civilized lands and find new realms to explore was to pretend
that he had some human blood, that he was a half-breed.

Ogres have been told for ages that they aren't "real" ogres, that they are
mere half-human weaklings.Some say they were told this for their own
protection, but that's a pathetic excuse. Ogres may be a little slow to
realize when they're being lied to, but their wrath is a terrible thing to

Recently, thanks to a slightly more liberal faction of the Mainland
government taking power, these 'hidden' orcs and ogres have come to
understand that they no longer have to conceal who, and what, they really

The Natives have known what these races actually are for a long, long
time. Ogres and orcs have such a brutish, primitive nature, that they've
long been accepted into the Native ranks. Of course the natives never told
anyone else.

the skinny:
- half-orcs are now orcs.
- half-ogres are now ogres, and are 5 points stronger (and a little less
- orcs and ogres can still be natives, and the natives will accept members
of those races. (let's face it, it just makes sense)

some behind-the-scenes thoughts:
i've considered skill mods for ogres, but:
- they have such excellent stats to begin with,
- they have none of the drawbacks of minotaurs,
- any skill boosts that mke sense would be overkill b/c of their great
stats (+20 str *and* a bonus to 'smite'? ouch)

i've also seriously considered a mod to orcs' stat base, giving them more
str too, but:
- they dont need to lose any dex or con. that would weaken 'em and
be unthematic.
- losing some int would give 'em the same stat base as muuls... and
w/ orcs' other bonuses, there'd be very little reason to play a

check for problems, and if you run across anything - help files, NPCs,
whatever - that refers to half-orcs or half-ogres, please bug it for me.