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Originally Posted : Wed Apr 10 20:41:10 2002
Posted by : Alexi
Title : terrain mods

in case you're not sure how it works: terrain mods increase/decrease the
damage you deal in combat, based on the terrain of the room you're in.

i tweaked the terrain-mod code a bit:
a) the terrain mods average together, rather than stacking; but...
b) they have slightly more effect on the damage you deal.

it seemed silly to me that a human would hit harder in a room that had 5
terrain types than he would in a room that only had one. with this change,
terrain mods should be a bit more significant, but more balanced.

side note:
clerics: consecrated land should cause you holy guysto hit slightly
harder than it did, and should hamper unholy putzes a little more.


ps. help terrains, help terrainlist