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Originally Posted : Sat Mar 16 18:41:09 2002
Posted by : Angelfire
Title : Changes

Couple changes:

tweaked some code in the earth elemental plain, let me know
if anything seems buggy.

updated the terrains in mountains of tsu island's glade to
include tundra now.

'help banishment' is now available for those seeking knowledge
on the subject.

most of the npc's of hero's inn were tweaked, let me know if
you see anything buggy.

the troll 1 south of the chessboard is now a real troll. if
you're used to xp'ing on him. please be aware.

Soul will now add a pk tally to your total when you kill with
one, instead of just giving you xp. your pkscore wn't update
with the player's name since you didn't get the actual kill,
but it is now your pk.

Demonlings now have a race of 'demonling'

5 new hero NPC's have been added to the outreaches of Tsunami.
Amoung these are 2 hero werewolves, 2 hero swashbucklers and a
new hero mummy. Enjoy.

'who steal' will no longer show ghosts.

Mindfog now has an hp trailer

Mislead now has an hp trailer

The wieke soldiers in gladstadt will no longer spam you with
'Doh's!!' as the continuously fail forging armour. Additionaly
they are all now standard warriors