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Level Range: 1-5


Bard Lore:

  I remember this little dense forest, lighted only by small insects
that glow in the dark.  They were rumours of a druid that could make 
magic potions that increased a man's strength tenfold.  The secret 
had been kept only to a select few throughout the years, and I doubt 
the old druid is still alive today.  An encounter with the druid would
be deadly, as he guards his secret carefully: your death would keep 
adventurers from coming back..  I had lost myself in the deep woods 
near the entrance of Ariston, without any source of light or food.  
The forest seemed to have a an uneasy atmosphere about it, hard
to describe..  I would not venture in that direction unless I felt
certain I could please the old druid and escape his grasp unharmed.
   If he is still alive...

Wieke can be found 2n,2e,n of the Gladstadt boat docks.




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