Tunnel Crypts

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Level Range: 8-10

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

Deep beneath the thief tunnels lie the crypts of Tsunami, where
the empty husks of long-forgotten players rot. A strange, unknown
force in the area causes many of those empty corpses to rise and
walk. It's said that the influence of some sinister, unnamed god
plays a part in these violations; I don't know what causes it,
personally, but I do know this: in the crypts of Tsunami, the dead
do not rest.

I visited the crypts when I was a young lad, around level 8-10, and
tried to help lay those poor lost souls to rest. I recall that
there is an entrance to the thief tunnels around Kyrse somewhere,
and that the entrance to the crypts is very close to that.