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Level Range: 9


Bard Lore:

Many years ago, I lived for a short while in a little town by the name
of Tramtris.  The villagers there took me in as one of their own, and 
the life was easy, and enjoyable.  Soon my adventuring legs got the
better of me, and with a small degree of sorrow I left the pleasant town and 
kingdom behind.

I would have to say, however, for all its simplicity and quaintness, 
there was much hidden in Tramtris.  The people who worked there were very
knowledgable about many things, and experts in their respective fields - strange
for a small town, I thought.  I found my powers of Lore were very useful
for revealing extra information on occasion, but I'm sure even those
without my vast knowledge can survive fine there!

Recently, my old friend, Negdo the innkeeper from Tramtris has sent word of a
terrible blackness that has befallen the poor villagers.  Apparently
the king has gone mad and begun slaying villagers, the prince is missing
and strange supernatural occurrances keep arising.  I'd go... but I'm
far too old now!

You can find Tramtris to the west of its sister town Khaz Modan.