Thrak City

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Level Range: 6-16

  Island: edo  

Bard Lore:

  Thrak City, quite a lively place!  If your idea of lively
mirrors that of a dwarf:  Work, work, work, sweat, and more
and more work.  The place teams with industrious dwarves of
all shapes and sizes.  They churn out weapon after weapon
and armour after armour with a speed and efficiency I've never
encountered anywhere else in all my wanderings.
  A great dwarven king, Thrak, rules the city as his dwarves
delve ever deeper into the ground.  I don't know how far down
they plan to go, but I'll tell you that those short little
workers will some day go down farther than they should, and
who knows what ancient horrors they'll unearth...

  To find the city, travel to the Isle of Edo, and go past
the main city, out into the mountains and over their peak.
It is there that you will find the dwarves of Thrak...