The Court of Ardor

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Level Range: hero,hero-hero,hero

  Island: middle_earth  

Bard Lore:

The Bard sits back and says: Ahh... The Court of Ardor,
in Middle Earth.  'Tis a place of wonder and fear.  
Wonder, for the great items that the Demon Beyond the 
Pale works tirelessly to create, and fearsome for its
other inhabitants, as motley and dangerous a crew
as I ever met.

I stayed there but briefly, where I was entertained by
some lovely ladies.  But I was soon made to understand
that one of my status was not nearly powerful or 
influential enough to become a permanent member of the
court.  Beware the Court's members.  They are, one and
all, evil to the core, I judge.

While I was at the Court I heard some whispers about
some ritual or somesuch, but I was ejected from its
perfumed (sigh) bowers before I could find out anything