Tenebrae Cathedral

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Level Range: 18-hero

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

At the dawn of the Age of Darkness, Tenebrae Cathedral was a shining
point of light in a sea of death and despair.  As the Jihad raged
about it, Tenebrae was protected by the Goddess Everen and escaped
much of the bloodshed that was beginning to sweep across the land.
But then, in a bold and calculating move, Karaveth was able to
distract the goddess for just an instant.  But an instant was all
that was needed for a follower of Karaveth was able to infiltrate
the Cathedral and strike at the heart of its power and cast a curse of
eternal darkness on the city.  As the light deserted Tenebrae, all
manner of undesirables moved in.  And what was once the shining
light of Tsunami has now become a cess pool of evil.  Many attempts
have been made to reclaim the cathedral for Everen, but evil's 
foothold in that land of darkness is too strong.  

Should you wish to test your strength against the dark forces 
entrenched there, I believe that Tenebrae was located somewhere 
to the northwest of the Plains of Yaresh, in Thyrkon.