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Level Range: 2-3


Bard Lore:

Once, when I was a simple bard apprentice,  I was accompanying one of
the mighty clerics of the Talamwa Provisioner order, who was
travelling to the warlike lizardmen, who were building an army
in the desert.  There had been some trouble with the lizardmen
killing young adventurers who had strayed into their camp, but
I digress...

We traveled a long time to get to Ariston.  We rowed a boat
(and I did most of the work!) right past the undead castle.  Then we walked
a great stretch to the east, until my legs were killing me!

When we neared the camp, we were met by a sleen scout, who
indicated that we should remain where we were.  We set up camp,
and the cleric began to fast and went into a trance, meditating
on the negotiations ahead.  Naturally, I decided to go and explore
the surrounding countryside.

Being young and foolhardy, I ducked straight into the sleen encampment.
Fortunately, the few guards I saw appeared not to notice me. Perhaps I
was too little to be of threat to them.  In any case, I ran north for a
while and found a high wall of mud.

Finding a crack in a giant mud wall, I found that inside was a
giant canyon, naturally formed.  Down the middle of the canyon,
a ravine cut in an east-west direction.  I was unable to explore
furthur, as a number of wild hungry beasts leapt out at me
and tried to tear the flesh from my skin!  I managed to quell
the anger of most of the vicious animals, but I still had
to run for my life from those too berserk to listen!

These animals, which I later learned were called 'Snargs',
seemed to be a type of dog - if you could find a dog that
was built like a tank, had muscle bulges everywhere and
sharp long teeth and vicious temperaments.

I had wasted almost the entire day in the canyon, but it had
worked out to my advantage, for when I returned to camp
I found the smouldering remains of our tent and the cleric
slain by primitive sleen spears and maces.  I returned to town alone,
to inform the church about the failed mission.

Be careful, young traveller.  It was almost as if those
snargs had been bred to be vicious killing machines...

The snarg lands can be found 2n,26e,6n of the Gladstadt
boat dock.




Coded By:

Area by Fragbait, finished February 1999.