Sewah Plains

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Level Range: 9-15


Bard Lore:

The bard begins to tell you a story:

While sitting in a tavern one night rumors of a
large plain stretching for miles began to circulate.  A plain filled with all
kinds of creatures to kill.  There is a lions den filled with
the rulers of the plain and a large number of
groundhogs living in a burroh there.
To get to the Sewah Plains head east on Mandora Road
in Ariston until you see a trail.
The creatures in this area will most certainly get the best
of you if you are not above level 13.

Hunters traveling the Sewah Plains have found a small castle,
rumored to be inhabited by a band of brigands. It has also been 
reported that there is a small tower beyond the nearby forest
although the inhabitants of the tower are unknown as nobody 
inhabitants of the tower are unknown as nobody dared enter the 
forest to investigate.  This area can be found northwest
of the plains.




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