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Level Range: 12-16

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The Seralonians, you say?  I can indeed tell you about them!  For
ages they have fought a bitter war with their mortal enemies,
the Chaldons.  It is rumored that centuries ago they ravaged the Chaldon
homeland, and in turn suffered the same fate at the hands of the
Chaldons.  Some say it was an act of divine retribution...a punishment
for throwing things "off balance," so to speak.  Today the Seralonians
continue their war with the Chaldons, encamped in the wilds near
the guild of Monsters.

It has been discussed many a time over a pint of brew whether the
terrible war between the Seralonians and the Chaldons will ever
see its completion.  There has been talk that the call for peace
has its proponents on both sides, but talk without action never
truly accomplishes anything, does it?  Only time will tell,
my friend.




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