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Level Range: 10-hero

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

  One sunny morning not too long ago, I was on my way to pay a visit
to some friends in the native village. Although fellow rogues despise
the natives, I don't mind their company as long as there is a barrel
of ale and a boar roasting over the bonfire. Hell, there are some
pretty darn good fellas over there! Well, anyway, I was traveling west
on the Ancient road, when I stumbled upon a large gathering of people
who seemed to be waiting for something. I walked to the front of the crowd
to find out what attracted these people. I would never in my long years
have guessed what I saw in front of me! There was a brand new amusement
park just about to have a grand opening, right where there used to be
a beautiful ole' oak forest. Some punk apparently bought out the forest
and cut it down, together with a town of elves that used to live there.
Already being there, I decided to check out the park, to see what the 
excitement was all about! Lemme tell you, if you ever happen to pass
by on Ancient road, spend some time in the park. It's got some really
crazy rides, some handy shops, and there is a grand carriage traveling
all around the park for some breathtaking views! Also, don't forget that
this place is not for no wimp with a weak stomach. If you're not at least
level 17 or 18 you might want to stay home in bed and drink some milk
until you grow up.

  By the way, one of the park attendants shared a story in exchange for 
a bottle of Hobitton Sherry: the Hall of Mirrors has a dangerous secret,
an item of magical power so great it makes one immune to any damage!
I didn't tell you this, though.




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