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Some skills and spells require the target to be willing. You can indicate that you are a willing target of <action> from <who> by using this command.

Using Permit

  • syntax: permit <who> <action>

List of permissible actions

Permit foo ride
  • Allows Foo to ride you as a steed (using the ride skill). Really only useful to dragons,unicorns, and centaurs.
Permit foo steer
  • Allows Foo to steer if he is riding you.
Permit foo summon
  • Allows Foo to summon\compel you with a spell or prayer without it being considered an aggressive act.
Permit foo compel
  • Interchangeable with 'permit foo summon'.
Permit foo light
  • Allows Foo to pray orb on you without it being considered aggressive.
Permit foo dark
  • Allows Foo to cast/prey darkness on you without it being considered aggressive.
Permit foo cutecurse
  • Allows Foo to cast a cute curse on you without going aggressive when doing so.
Permit foo resurrect
  • Allows Foo to resurrect you. You can replace 'foo' with 'everyone' to allow anyone to resurrect you.

Notes on permit

The person you should 'permit' is the one casting the summon spell. If this is a charmed NPC, use the NPC's name.)

You may also permit:

feykill, dispel, link, spellsteal, songsteal (fetches), guidance, cutecurse, view, smoke, pkfight, stfu

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