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Level Range: 17-hero


Bard Lore:

In one of my many adventures I came across a dark 
forest, that if I remember correctly, was called
Sivlane forest. That eerie place gave me the chills
at my every step. While searching around the forest
I found a very odd rock, but the odd thing about it
was that it wasn't on the ground, but instead, it 
was floating above my head! Scared and astonished I
took a better look at the rock and spotted the ruins
of a castle. After finding a way to climb up there I
found out that the castle is a cursed place. A tale I 
managed to find and read tells of a miscast spell
that turned the once lavish castle of Nym into the
floating citadel roamed by spectres of its former dwellers. 
I can't remember the exact location of the floating citadel 
but I know it hovers around a well-used road, I think it was 
Mandora Road in Ariston.