Never Never Land

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Level Range: 8-14

    Dimension: neverland

Bard Lore:

"So you want to know about NeverNeverLand, eh.  I've been there
a few times in my illustrious career;  flying is so much fun!
Beautiful as NeverNeverLand may be, it can be a dangerous region
for the unwary, or the foolhardy who underestimate the island's
youthful inhabitants."

The bard stops and takes a swig of his drink and gets a far away
look in his eyes.

"As I recall, to get there one must first win the favor of the
fairy.......what was her name......Winkerbellows or some such
thing.  She is the key to getting to NeverNeverLand.  Mind you,
she is somewhat small and forgetful, but even I would not want
to be on her bad side.  Aye, find for her the thing she craves
and she will ... show ya the way to NeverNeverland, matey!"

The Bard chuckles at his attempt to talk like a pirate.

"Hmm... that cute little fairy girl might be somewhere on the
south side of Tsunami island."