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Level Range:

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The Bard says:

      Once long ago a race known as the D'ni existed.  They 
   burrowed deeply into the rock of their home world and chose 
   to exist within the massive caverns they carved from the very 
   bones of the world.  Their accomplishments were vast but all 
   paled in comparison with their ability to write.  They did not 
   write ordinary books.  Using special ink, paper, and a language 
   crafted over a millennia they forged links to different worlds 
   and even times.  The D'ni empire comprised over a thousand 
   worlds  which they called 'ages'.  Alas the D'ni capital city 
   was destroyed and the links closed forever, the citizens of the 
   great civilization scattered throughout the worlds they linked 
   too.  The son of one of these refugees was called Atrus'.  
   His grandmother and father passed on the knowledge of D'ni 
   writing to the young man and he become quite a talented writer.
   Many years ago he linked to the land of Tsunami with his wife, 
   but after witnessing the struggle of the various holy factions and 
   the viciousness and greed of its inhabitants, he chose not to
   reveal himself, or any knowledge of the D'ni civilization.  knowing 
   full well if the knowledge of the linking books fell into the wrong 
   hands their holy war and violent ways would spill into countless 
   other ages.  Loath to destroy any link, he entrusted the linking 
   book to the Great Library on the Tsunami Mainland, knowing that 
   within the vast store of books and tomes it would remain safe.  
   Anyone visiting Myst should be wary for though any may travel 
   to the island, none return without the help of Atrus, if at all.




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