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Level Range: 13-17


Bard Lore:

The bard eyes light up as the begins to speak:

  So ya wanna know about the Town of Mingla... Well for one I've
seen many a good man waste his time seeking Mingla's treasures.
I for one don't believe any of the rumors surrounding that town.
Many of the town's residents seem to believe that there's a
powerful weapon hid away there. Hogwash!! Hogwash I tell ya!!
There's nothing there...

  The only time I've visited the place was in my youth, I was 
no older than 2 at the time. The only thing I remember about the
place is it had a beautiful fountain in the center of the town.
Strange though, one would think with a beautiful fountain like
that they would want everyone to see it... Instead of it kept
off limits...

  The other thing I remember about the place was that there is
some sort of resort there. However, I never visited the place
because I was too young. I've heard all kinds of stuff about
the place.. Most of it was all good.

Last I heard... Mingla was located somewhere to the southwest
of Rymalind. The depot is supposed to be located near a meadow
of unicorns. Strange place to have a depot if ya ask me...