Middle Earth

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Level Range: 6-19

  Island: middle_earth  

Bard Lore:

The land of Middle Earth lies across the sea.  It is the home of
hobbits, humans, orcs, and trolls.  There are even darker forces
lurking about than orcs and trolls, but we shouldn't speak of those.
The boat from here lands in the city of Forland, from there a road
leads to the Shire where the hobbits live. Across the Brandywine
River from the Shire, lies the city of Bree.  I warn you to steer
clear of the barrow downs and the old forest, those are evil places.

Some have said that what we call "Middle Earth" is but a pale shadow
of the true Middle Earth that exists in some distant dimension.  I
don't know if there's any truth to that - but it sure makes a great
story, doesn't it?




Coded By:

ME coded by Grimsteel