Magic School

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Level Range: 5-8

    Dimension: novmage

Bard Lore:

A rumour of a school that teaches young mages their craft
has reached my ears. Though the whereabouts of the school
are unknown, it is rumoured that the boys in Egor's house
might be students and might know the way there. Be warned
adventurer, as the mages might not take kindly to intruders,
and the teachers have been known to dish out a few spankings.
Suggested level is for 5 to 8's but take care my friend as
magic can be very unpredictable and death may await those
that fail this school.

You're in luck, my friend!  The school has recently been
magicked to a location near you!  It is said that the 
entrance can be found near the Quiet Estate.




Coded By:

Coded by Egor