Mage Tower

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Level Range: 4-19

  Island: Tsunami Island  

Bard Lore:

A strange place, the Mage Tower. Should go take a look
yourself. It is the highest tower I have ever seen, you 
know. It rises even beyond the clouds. 

Many odd creatures inhabit it. Whence they came, I'm 
sure I don't know. It seems like some kind of devilry
to me, altho few of them are hostile. 

In fact, many are friendly. You can, for example,
'ask <creature> about <topic>' if you decide, and
it will talk to you. Of course, some of them are
suspicious; always greet them! Just 'say hi' to
see who is in the mood to share stories.

And, then, there is that odd mage, calls himself
Balthazar. Interesting folk. When I took a tour
of the tower, he was rambling about some immense
magical power in the sky. Doggerel, naturally,
but then he's rather old. 




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