Khaz Modan

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Level Range: 19-hero


Bard Lore:

The Bard says:

   Ah, Khaz Modan!  It is a beautiful land, but it is also a
war torn land.  The three main powers of Khaz Modan: church,
military, and mage, have banded together against the forces
of darkness, embodied in the three main enemies: Orcs, Ogres,
and Trolls.

   I would not recommend going there unless you are prepared
to get involved in the unending warcraft.

Of course, anyone who can kill the leaders of Darkness would
surely be a hero to the people of Khaz Modan, maybe even to all
of Dalaria.

   Some scholars have postulated that Khaz Modan is a realm
similar to Middle-Earth ... that it was but a simple copy of
an entire dimension that is devoted wholely to such warcraft,
brought to Tsunami at the whim of a bored immortal. Such
ponderings are too much for my poor beer-addled brain to




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