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Level Range: 13-17

  Island: middle_earth  

Bard Lore:

Harkensville?  Hmm...ahh yes, Harkensville!  Many, many years ago...
centuries in fact, the village was suddenly deserted, with its 
inhabitants nowhere to be found!  If my memory serves me right, 
the village is located just east of Bree in Middle Earth.  Not 
many have ever ventured to Harkensville, for they say a strange 
evil hangs over the area, slowly working its way into the rest of our
world.  I believe that Bree just recently reopened its eastern gate that
allows passaged to the cursed town.  My friend, visit that place at
your own risk.  Those who have visited the location have never come 
back.  Why else would Bree have sealed its eastern gate shut for so
many centuries?




Coded By:

by Marisil