Gnutt Village

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Level Range: 6-8

  Island: Tsunami Island  

Bard Lore:

I once met a peculiar creature that also was a bard. He was
maybe one foot tall and most of all resembled a furry sausage.
He was completly covered in a soft white fur and had two
large sad eyes. His limbs were very short but he was a master
with the lute. He told me that he belonged to a race called
Gnutts. However, the others of his race did not look much
like him as he was deformed in an accident long ago. The
normal gnutt is just under a foot tall and looks like a
football with fur. They all are very cute and fuzzy with
their big friendly eyes and stumpy little limbs.
 All this he told me while chewing on a carrot; I guess that
carrots were their main food. I cannot seem to recall how to
get to their village exactly, but if you try to work your
way over the bridge to Tsunami island and find the small
sign. From there you should travel westwards a long way and
trek to the northwest from a overgrown road into a forest.
 If you happen to be around level six I really think you
should pay them a visit.




Coded By:

Coded by Bobbo