Forkus Valley

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Level Range: 4-9


Bard Lore:

Ah yes, I recall the Forkus Valley. It's an area of unsurpassed
beauty that lies near the Sewah Plains of Gladstadt. The haze 
that rises from the golden valley never fails to take my breath 
away every time I look upon it.

It's populated with a peculiar little creature known as a
Forkus. These strange beings live their entire lives rooted in
the fertile soil. But do not be fooled, they are not plants
by any measure. Their large eyes glow with an intelligence so
great, it seems magical.

The bard sighs deeply.

Unfortunately, something has been hunting the Forkii recently.
Their numbers dwindle and I fear that if nothing is done soon,
they will be lost to the world forever. I have a friend named
Thomas working in the forest near the valley, he will be able
to provide you with more information than I can.




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