Edo Village

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Level Range: 11-19

  Island: edo  

Bard Lore:

  Yes... The town of Edo. I will never forget that
town. It is such a wonderful place of harmony. On 
my last visit to mainland harbour I sailed to the 
Orient. When I finaly got there I noticed a new dock 
with a huge vessle that would take me to the town of Edo. 
This realm is full of strange exotic people, items and 
creatures. The town has many goods to offer and you 
should spend some time visiting the oriental shops.

While i was staying, as a guest at the shogun's castle, 
i heard wild rumors about the mountain in the east part 
of the Realm. Take my advice Adventure, do not wander 
outside the citygates unless you are well equipped and 
know what you are doing. 

Adventurer, enjoy your visit in the town of Edo




Coded By:

Coded by Yoshi