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Level Range: 11-18

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The bard nods importantly.

"Once, on my journeys through the northeastern hills, I stumbled upon
a small cave with a quiet underground pond. I stooped to take a drink
and quickly discovered that the pond had quite a strong current! After
being dragged around in circles for a while, I finally pulled myself
out into a narrow tunnel leading downward, with a strange glow coming
from the depths.

"Being in a hurry to attend a dinner engagement with a lovely young
barmaid, I simply waited for my associates to find me and left. I've
always wondered, however, if that might not be the entrance to the
tunnels of the Duergar, the legendary evil race of Grey Dwarves..

"Well.. I suppose I'll never know. But here's to that barmaid!"




Coded By:

This area coded (obviously) by Dug