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Level Range: 15,19-hero

  Island: dragmyr  

Bard Lore:

Dragonmyrth is a glorious city filled with adventurers from around the globe.  
Everything of every kind can be found in Dragonmyrth.  It is said that only 
two kind of people can be found there, adventurers and tourists gawking at
adventurers.  It is full of strange, wondrous, exotic things.  
Oh, what a wonderful time I had there, watching arena fights, touring the 
many unique shops, fishing on the river which surrounds its megalithic walls.
Truly, it is a wondrous place.  To think, such a flamboyant setting is a mere
boat ride away.  The king has finally opened the city again!  Although, I
would caution you to be wary of your person if you venture down below.