Dragon Island

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Level Range: 5-15

  Island: dragonv  

Bard Lore:

Ah, Dragon Island! Rumors abound concerning the affinity that
the villagers there have for the great Western Dragons. Some
say that the dragons have a ancient pact with an elder of the
village. Some say the villagers have some sort of magical
control over the dragons, who are there as slaves. Others claim
that the dragons have their own mysterious reasons for providing
transportation to and from the island.

Whatever the rationale is: Dragon Island can only be reached on
dragonback. The west-mainland port is the only spot where these
dragons are known to be found.

Some of the most renowned mystics of the realms live on Dragon
Island: Ailoth the sorcerer and Mertis the holy man. But there
are also rumors of an underground crypt of undead beasts, and a
thieves' guild to boot!

I'd really avoid wandering around the Dragon Island village
unless I were at least moderately experienced.




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