Diamond Land

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Level Range: hero

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The story of the Diamond Land has been told over ale and grog in the inns
of the realm for ages.  It is said that the land is somewhere in the
mountains to the west and north of town.  The stories tell of a great
crown made of diamonds and of fearsome mages and grand knights.

It is said that in the age before man, a drow of great
power called forth a new land, a new world. The wizard
used four diamonds; one red, one black, one blue, and one
white.  As a result of this, the land took on the aspects of
the diamonds.  The Realms of Diamonds are made up of four
colors; red, white, blue and black.  Every animal, plant, and 
tree takes the color of the diamond used to create it.

The Land of Diamonds is said to have diamonds just
laying around for the picking.  Any who finds the
way to this famed land will find wealth beyond mesure.
However, it is said that the diamonds may bring wealth or death$

It is said that the opening to the realm lies 8 west, 6 north, up,
west, northwest, north, and then northwest from the Center of Town.

(*Note, if you are not 19 or above...you will die.*)




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