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Level Range: 14-16

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The bard nods understandingly and begins his tale:

"Many years ago,  a half-elf was born into this world and 
named Diablos.  I knew him well as a child,  and know more
than anyone of his shame.  Neither elf nor wholly human,
Diablos was looked down upon by elves and feared by human
children,  and thus he came to despise them all.  Some 
years later,  he took up appreticeship with a mage of some
great power, though his master was quite senile. I
believe that Diablos has learned enough of magic to be a
danger.  He harbors great hatred for the elves especially, but
admires them as well, and wished to be one.  If he has
indeed returned to the mainland, it can mean nothing but

"I recently heard a tale, from an adventurer like yourself, of
an isolated group of Gnomes south of the Tugley wood who had
begun to petrify the forest with earth magics.  The adventurer
related to me a description of one calling himself Diablos 
who seemed to be manipulating this group of gnomes in some 
way.  Though the gnomes would only say that their gods had 
spoken to them,  telling them to make the forest above 'more
like the homeland'."  

"The story of the Gnomes of Tulgey is an even sadder tale.
I will tell that one another time."

"According to my source, Diablos has also acquired an 
apprentice,  whom he has working on a secret project somewhere
near the Tulgey wood as well."