Derro Caves

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Level Range: 3-6

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The Derro are a nasty little race of evil, degenerate dwarves,
well-known as slave-traders and haters of all that is noble and
beautiful in the world.

On my way to an engagement at the Seralonian army camp one day,
I noticed a dark cave to the north of the trail. Venturing inside,
I found a few Derro and slaughtered them quickly - they were no
match for one of my worldliness and experience. I might have
searched further, but I was already late for my performance at the
camp. The Derro didn't seem to be a very appreciative audience.
From the Cot, I believe the caves are 12w,sw,2s,se,2n.