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```Originally Posted : Mon Sep 06 19:24:10 2021
Posted by : Burlok
Title : Life/Pardon my Dust
Hello, I
m working on an update to Unicorns that should be out in the next month.
In preparing
for this update there
s a few changes to the live-skill that are sort-of a hold-over until it is
integrated with the new unicorn features. The helpfile is not up to date.
Currently ...

--Life now costs 45 sp and has no cooldown.
--As before, life has an upfront heal and puts a HoT on you.
--On live unicorn you cannot recast life until the HoT expires. It will
expire faster the more damage you have.
--The balance on this ma be slightly funky. Just ride it out a couple of
weeks. I would recommend just waiting for the Unicorn updates.