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Originally Posted : Wed May 19 03:45:13 2021
Posted by : Orion
Title : Shaolin Fish

Shaolin Fish has been updated to use a 'pouch' type item to store the fish. The capacity of the fish pouch will be determined by donations of the shaolin (every 100,000 donations will give an additional 1 storage space up to a max of 1000 capacity).

The fishing speed will also be slower depending on the size of the fish that you are catching. Three additional levels of fish have also been added.

You can eat fish which will automatically eat the smallest fish in the pouch, otherwise you can specify 'eat shark' etc.

Thinking behind the change is to remove the bulk amounts of fish which cause numeros eval errors and potentially cause lag on the mud, this also gives some purpose to the monk donations - so please donate to the church!