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Originally Posted : Fri Apr 16 07:55:37 2021
Posted by : Orion
Title : herbalist craft and apply

I have updated Craft and Apply skills so that some slightly weird behaviour has been fixed. Along with that I have allowed apply to work on multiple bundles of unpoisioned darts in one go.

The tl;dr is that craft and apply will now stack darts using a weighted average calculation so that the level of the dart will be improved / reduced if you have a good/bad roll.

The main issue that was happening previously was that if you had an extremely powerful dart - you could give it to a level 1 and he could stack as many darts onto it as he wanted. Lets say you had a big hero roll 1 lvl 500 dart - hen he gave it to a lvl 1 and that player created 10 more darts - because the level of the dart in his inventory was greater, it would just add to the stacks of darts but they would all be lvl 1000.

To improve on this the darts (and apply for poison darts) will now calculate the total power as <num of darts> * <dart power> then add the new darts calculated as <crafted darts> * <skill power> and then divide the total number by <current stack of darts> + <number of crafted darts>.

This will mean that now a lvl 1 character crafting 10 lvl 10 darts on top of a single lvl 500 dart will take 500 * 1 + 10 * 10 = 600 / 11 darts so around 55 power each dart.

Please let me know if anything is not working with apply / craft.