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Originally Posted : Thu Jul 30 11:14:11 2020
Posted by : Nether
Title : hints color

I alphabeticized the help file for help color.

Also, I added in some hints to Vistani Camp, and the outside and graveyard of the Burgomeister's mansion.

You can turn them on with color hints COLOR, e.g. 'color hints BOLD+WHITE'

The Vistani Camp mobs should move about properly during day and night now, so it is a good opportunity to ransack their vardos if they are not around at night.

There is also a Nether Restoration Project in the church of Barovia, making it a grand total of two such projects on the Barovian island.

Lastly, I think only Kaiban holds a Ghyath plushie, and Morgul theDarkpoole plushie. Maybe now more people will hold them? :)