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```Originally Posted : Fri Jul 02 03:41:11 2021
Posted by : Raine
Title : The Absolute State of PKing
Tsunami has undergone many PK system changes over the years. None of them
have ever been perfect, and I don't think the perfect system exists. Every

person has a different idea of what they want see in a PK system. Some
people think everyone should be forced into the system for various
reasons. Others don't think it should exist at all. I personally believe
player agency is paramount. Everybody should be allowed to make the choice

that shapes their gameplay style to make it as fun as they possibly can
for themselves inside he bounds of the rules. Given that, players are now

able to opt out of PKing.

The setting is ACCOUNT based, it is _NOT_ per character. I repeat -
Toggling this setting will toggle it for EVERY CHARACTER on your account.
There are some caveats to this. Chaosmages will always be PKable by
PK on players of any level. If you're wearing the pumpkin helmet during
October you will be PKable. If you're a prestige subclass your PK
setting will always be off (for now.) If you are on a hardcore
character, you will always be attackable by other hardcore characters
regardless of this setting.

You can toggle the setting by typing: pktoggle

I made the command name specifically awkward (and require a secondary
verification) so someone isn't going to just accidentally disable/enable
PKing. The default mode is PK _ON_. Once you toggle PK off, you are free
and clear of PKing until you toggle it back on again. There are a few
things that wil prevent you from toggling it, such as if you're currently

aggressive, or if you have Torgoch's blood.

If you do decide to toggle PKing back on after toggling it off, you will
not be able to toggle it back off again until the cooldown period has
passed. This cooldown is currently ~7 days. This is to prevent people from

rampant abuse, PKing someone, toggling off to harass them in this manner.

There will be more changes regarding PKing coming in the near future
(probably after Tsuday.) This will include an additional exp bonus for
being PK on. Exp loss will be returning to PKing, and PKing someone will
net more rewards than before. This is to offset the time potentially sunk
into defending yourself from other players.

Having said all that, it's entirely possible that there are some edge
cases that will skirt the current setup. If you find one of these and
abuse it, I will ban you. It is recommended you report it immediately and

avoid triggering those conditions again if possible. I know there are
going to be people who dislike this change, and your feelings are
completely valid, but forcing unwilling players into PVP combat isn't
really the PVP environment we should be fostering. Regardless, feel free
to levy all complaints to me directly, or Darkpoole if it's just yelling.
He probably deserves it more than I do.