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Originally Posted : Sat May 02 23:26:29 2020
Posted by : Ghyath
Title : Paladins

First of all - Darkpoole writes cute code.

I changed/fixed the following:
- Rejuvenation talent no longer gives nonexistent bloodthirst skill
- Holy man talent finally gives +10 religion
- there should be no longer holy/unholy paladins
- you now can't select talents above their "tier" level
- you can now select multiple tier 0 talents (before you could have just one)
- no more sensitive messages and debug messages (I hope)

What remains (and I know of) unresolved:
- certain (originally unholy paladin) quests wipe out other certain quests
- purge talents routine
- talents overview formatting

If you have a paladin and notice anything extraordinary, let me know. Thanks.