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Originally Posted : Wed Apr 1 13:43:38 2020
Posted by : Trix
Title : Super Cereal Changes

Shaolin: Added a realistic aquatic ecosystem. Fish will now breed as per their normal breeding patterns, and it is possible to overfish them to extinction. To aid in preventing this you can now build a fish farm and manually breed and cultivate fish to preserve the natural order of things - once they're gone, they're gone!
Juggernaught: Due to EPA scrutiny, all Juggernaughts have been forced to go electric. They now have upgradeable batteries instead of power plants. These batteries deplete as you perform any action such as moving, combat rounds, look, etc. They can only be recharged at designated charging areas and depending on the battery size (upgrade level) take progressively longer to charge ranging from 30 minutes for a 200 room trek, to 8 hours for a full charge.
Natives: Due to the recent increase in DNA genetic testing and analysis they finally decided to track their heritage. Turns out they're not natie to Tsunami at all and shall henceforth be known as Non-Natives.
Ghoul and Zombie: Due to the spread of contagion and other airborne illnesses revolving around the subclasses in question, a stay-and-home order has been issued until further notice. If you don't have a home, please attempt to stay at least 6 rooms away from the nearest player at all times.
Fetch: Has been readded to the game.
Thieves Class: Tsuquifax has announced there was a massive data breach in their system and has issued a warning that any and every person may have their identity stolen by the information that has leaked. Authorities suspect the thieves class and have brought Shilanda in for questioning.
Cleric class: The clerics have come together and decided that they now identify as divine mages and should now be referred to as such. This also means the class will be merging into the mage class in the near future.
Leveling Changes: You must now complete a number of quests equal to your current level, pe level, to level up. For example, level 1 to 2 requires 1 quest, 2 to 3 requires 2 additional quests, 3 to 4 requires 3 additional quests for a total of 6 quests. To hit level 19 you will need to do 190 quests. Given that we only have ~110 quests this means everybody above that level will be reset to their new maximum level based on quests done and will have to figure out what to do from there.
Warriors: They've finally come out to play.
Dragon Class: After more than two decades of being Dragon, they've finally turned Dragoff.
Horror/Monster Classes: These two classes have been merged into one. Nobody could really tell the difference anyways. Voting on a new name will occur later this month and the choices will be between Horster and Monoror.
Fetch: Has been removed from the game.
Changelings: After sifting through the couch they finally found enough loose to become Dollarlings.
Amazon Subclass: Half of this subclass has been burned off, part of it is still on fire. Everyon seems to have forgotten about it though.
Medusa Subclass: Tired of being confused for the Greek monsters, they've finally clarified that their name is actually Med USA and they are an insurance company.
Wyvern Subclass: They finally got their answer, and will no longer be playable until they've come up with a new name. Also who is Vern anyways?

I hope you enjoy all these new changes, they are all currently live!