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Originally Posted : Tue Feb 04 18:23:58 2020
Posted by : Trix
Title : Changes board changed

The changes board has been rewritten, it should be fairly obvious what is different as far as visuals go. There is now new functionality though! "read <num>" where <num> is 1 through 50 will read the relevant post from the board. If you look at the board you'll notice there is a second number listed, that is the change ID for that change. If you "read <num>" a number greater then 50 it will read that change number. As such _every single change_ that has been posted ince the introduction of the changes board in 1999 is available. This will allow players to browse through the history of Tsunami and see how we've evolved over the years. The wiki also contains these changes posts (as they are pulled directly from there now.) So if you're interested in searching through the changes specifically I suggest checking out the wiki that Krule has put a lot of hard work into.