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Originally Posted : Tue Nov 26 16:18:02 2019
Posted by : Chaitan
Title : Meditation changes

I change meditation considerably. It's basically a completely
new skill so don't expect the same behaviour as before.

When you start meditating several things happen.

* You gain a scaling amount of sp regen.
* You gain a small scaling to hp regen as well.
* You have a huge penalty to awareness, combat and resistance.
* You start gaining a percentage bonus to all four stats.

Meditatio has four stages and each bonus is multiplied by
the stage up to "(Serene)". At that point you reach
"pinnacle of concentration" as before.

When you stop meditating YOU KEEP all bonuses. Your penalty
to awareness, combat and resistance is now a small buff.

As your clarity gained from meditation diminsh you slowly
stop gaining these bonuses.

Meditation is not a long time buff so treat it more as a
short bonus to assist you in the next upcoming fight or two!