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Originally Posted : Wed Jul 30 20:44:02 2008
Posted by : Razan
Title : sorry for the spam!

Hey guys, sorry to spam - just wanted to let you know something
else is in. I finished the code to automagically award the
top ranked people at the end of week/month/year. This means
that it SHOULD go off after the first TWar Friday morning
(in about a day and a half from when I'm posting this).

Remember it awards the TOP 10 PLAYERS from (in this case) the
month ranking. There's still room to get yourself up there
in that ranking! See 'twarstats' for how close you're getting.

I've got lots of logging but let me know if this doesn't go
off correctly. I'll check it Friday moning. If it doesn't
work I'll try and award people by hand and fix the bug - yuck.

Lots of war points will be handed out people! First place
for the month will get 5,000 war tokens! (sorry, I meant tokens

Now's your chance to get in the top 10 for month.

Then, we'll also roll over the "weekly" stats this weekend of
course Sunday morning.

Happy hunting!

- Razan.