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Originally Posted : Wed Feb 02 20:03:59 2005
Posted by : Razan
Title : magewar starter decks

I had this great idea how to make Magewar more appealing for people
to try out - starter decks! I created this starter deck of 100
cards - they're not great cards, they just demonstrate the abilities
of Magewar through a variety of cards. You don't have to actually
have the cards in your album to play with the deck, just goto a magewar
gaming table and type 'ddef default_starter'. You'll see the deck
in your 'album dlist' as well. If you don't know how to play
Magewar try 'help magewar' or reading the instruction sheet in the
MW gaming rooms. Also, 'magewar /on' to join the MW channel and
ask for help - or a game!

I'll give people a week or so to have some fun with this and then
we'll hold a tournament for a ultra-rare card prize!

Oh, ok - so the idea wasn't mine, nor was the deck - both are from
Deathflame. :)

- Razan.