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Originally Posted : Wed Jun 25 20:08:12 2003
Posted by : Alexi
Title : halflings redux

halflings have recently dropped down to be the second-least-popular race
(beating only centaurs).

in honor of the occasion, halflings are getting tweaked!

here we go:
1) stats adjusted: str -20 (down from -15), dex +15 (up from +10)
2) solid "behind-the-scenes" intim resistance, which goes up with level.
3) a few additional skill mods

comments/complaints, send 'em to me

ps. don't worry, flinds, you're still on the chopping block.. ah, i mean
... slated for a modification. the flind mod will take a little more time
than most, and time is a bit short for me ately. :)