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Level Range: 14-16

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

Hmm...oh yes the Chaldons!  Long ago their city was ravaged by the Seralonians, who have since then been known as their arch-enemy.  The war rages on even today.

Today the two nations have camps, for they can no longer support large cities due to the war.  The Chaldon's Camp I believe is a little east of the Seralonians.  Their camp is not hidden...but it is guarded.  Some of them are suspicious of outsiders, for in a time of war anyone could be a spy.

From what I have heard, a lot of strange kidnappings have been taking place in the Chaldon Camp recently.  These abductions are explainable by only one thing, that the Seralonians are behind this.  Times are strange around that camp these days.